I'm a graphic designer/printmaker/tutor base in Shanghai.  Interested in using print as a medium of expression that allows for the combination of several modes of creation. Exploring visual form across existing boundaries, limitations and definitions, and the relationship between the medium and the message. I have a fascination with DIY aesthetics in all possible formats.

I’m now working on tutoring/independent design projects/collaborating with small businesses, independent artists and cultural institutions.

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Ephemeral Headlines addresses how the public is influenced by the waves of information that flood online media. During this flood, stories are in a constant state of flux and the audience has become accustomed to accepting this torrent of information. The news comes and goes as if it had never been there. Constantly updating and consuming the attention of its recipients: ‘news’ today encourages not true understanding, but browsing quickly, to scrolling onward, and then forgetting. Even with news that is crucially important to society, rigorous public discourse is impossible. Not only does online news lack durability, but it also compounds the problem of impermanence. The public could go hysterical over a particular news item and then forget all about it before they can even tell if it is true or not. This project posits that a conceptual publication can be used as a physical communication medium, which can leave a residue or turn transient news events into an entity. Ephemeral Headlines questions what it means to have news in a post-truth era, and how the public understands news in the information age.

Live performance
168 screen printed balloons

55gsm newspaper

13.5*16*5cm  hand made hard cover case
168 laser engraved PETG film
Riso printed 55gsm newspaper

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